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Barefoot Girls are not just a fantasy.
They are REAL!

Do you love barefoot women?  Then stop looking at pictures!  Go out and find the real thing!

It is one thing to look at a picture of a beautiful sunset, but it is a totally different thing to actually experience it.  Sitting on the beach, with the entire sky in view, the waves glimmering with the subtle hues of pink, purple and orange, is a much richer experience than just looking at some e-picture on the Web.

Likewise, you can look at pictures of attractive women in their bare feet, but it is so much better to actually see them, out in the open, doing what real women do.  Real barefoot women do not sit around with their feet sticking up in the air.  They go out and they do things!  They use their feet for what millions of years of evolution designed them to do.

Stop looking at pictures of barefoot girls!

Real barefoot women go shopping, they eat at restaurants, they walk down the street... They do the things that all women do.  They just do it barefooted.

And their feet are not perfectly soft and smooth like they just came out of the spa.  They get dirty, they get rough.  That is what makes them special.

If you are like me, you know that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman going about her daily business in her bare feet, showing the confidence not to care what people think.  She may have a toe ring or a nice pedicure, but her soles are completely natural.  If this is your idea of perfect beauty, as it is mine, then you have come to the right place.

Let me tell you a secret.  There are a number of web sites out there that feature the kind of women I'm talking about, but they are all from Europe.  In Europe, people going barefoot is much more widely accepted.  But here's the secret.  The United States has barefoot women, too.

This site is dedicated to that most rare and beautiful animal, the barefoot adult American female.  It is devoted to preserving and appreciating this endangered, but by no means extinct, subspecies.  How will we do this?  By seeking her out in her native environment, and showing her the respect and appreciation she deserves.

No more paid models' toeprints on camera lenses.  We are going out into the wild, suburban jungle to observe and study the fascinating entity which is the American barefoot girl.  No one takes pictures of a duck's wing, or a lion's tail.  Why look at pictures of a woman's foot?

No, my friend.  Here, you will learn to spot the true barefoot woman, in all of her vertically-standing, confident and comfortable, skin-in-direct-contact-with-the-ground glory.  And you will do it without having to learn a foreign language, because America has barefoot girls, too.  And I will teach you how to find them.

Through this web site, I will guide you on your journey to learn everything you can about these wondrous creatures.  Here, you will learn...

  • how to spot a barefoot girl.

  • where to find girls who are barefoot.

  • the truth about girls going barefoot in public.

  • all about girls who are barefoot in cars.

  • and much more...

Are you ready?  Let's go!

The Barefoot Girl Spotter's Guide
How to spot that beautiful barefoot girl that you've been seeking.

Where to find Barefoot Girls (in general)
Learn about some general locations where barefoot girls sometimes turn up.

How to Meet Girls
Learn how to meet girls, so you can make the best of every opportunity that you have to meet a beautiful barefoot girl.

Girls Driving Barefoot
Girls often drive their cars in their bare feet. But it can be really hard to tell...

Women Barefoot at Work
Are there jobs where women actually work barefoot? Yes!

Barefoot Celebrities
Barefoot celebrities are beautiful for a number of very good reasons.

The Barefoot Business Exchange
A list of truly barefoot-friendly businesses.

Barefoot Literature
Stories focused on the beauty of American Barefoot Girls.

Foot Jewelry
The most fashionable barefoot girls dress themselves up with foot jewelry.

Barefoot Sandals
Barefoot Sandals are another way women can decorate their bare feet.

The Barefoot Truth
The truth about going barefoot? It's perfectly normal, healthy and sexy!

The Real Barefoot Girls Web Log
The web log keeps you updated on all the goings-on here at Real Barefoot Girls!

Links to some of the other web sites dedicated to nature's most beautiful creation.

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