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The Accidental Barefoot Girl

This category should probably be a sub-category of the previous category, the Normal Barefoot Girl, but I am listing it separately because, with the overlap that exists between categories, this girl might easily be confused with one of the more heavily barefoot forms.

The Accidental Barefoot Girl is probably a Normal Barefoot Girl, who, for some reason, is caught in a situation where she wouldn't normally have gone barefoot, but somehow is.

The accidental nature makes this a very rare form indeed, but it also makes her one of the most beautiful.  Being barefoot at a place and time when she didn't expect to be can expose an alluring vulnerability that makes her irresistable.

So, where do you go to find an Accidental Barefoot Girl?  Well, since accidents are generally not planned or repeated, it's hard to really say, but we can start with the most common situation in which you may find her.

A Normal Barefoot Girl, being the slave-to-fashion conformist that she is, will often wear shoes that are painfully uncomfortable.  After walking around for several hours, she may finally decide that the potential discomfort of going barefoot in public is favorable to the pain of continuing to wear the shoes.

This situation is most common at malls, dance venues and amusement parks.  I have personally encountered them at each of these locations.

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