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The Girl who is Always Barefoot

The Pure Form

So, here it is.  Nature's most perfect creation.  The highest form of life in the Universe...

The girl who actually prefers being barefoot.

This is a lovely thing.  It does not get any better.

This rare and wonderful creature blesses the Earth every day with the soft touch of her gentle bare feet.

I have had the pleasure of knowing four representatives of this beautiful breed during the course of my life and, although their personalities differed quite a bit, I was in love with them all.

No matter what anyone says, there is something special about this kind of person.  She must be confident, independent, strong...she must be comfortable with herself.

Most people can't stand to be in their own company, so they surround themselves with people whose company they enjoy more.  The true barefoot girl is comfortable with herself.  She knows she's a worthwhile person, and that confidence and strength are sexy.

I am also attracted to the non-conformism.  I am a hardcore non-conformist myself, so it makes sense that I would be drawn to women of the same ilk.

A true barefoot girl is the most beautiful thing in the world.

It's not required, but some women may also have the truth of going barefoot in mind, which would only make her even more appealing.

But enough romanticizing.  Let's get on with the technical definition of The Pure Form so you can recognize her when you are fortunate enough to run across her.

Characteristics of The Pure Form

By this point it goes without saying, but I am going to say it anyway.  The Pure Form is that special girl who actually does not like to wear shoes.  She may do so, but only when it is patently unsafe not to or it is physically required.  Otherwise, she is always barefoot.

She is probably in her bare feet the first time you encounter her.

The Pure Form is truly a rare and wondrous creature.  Because her beautiful bare feet take her everywhere she goes, you may find her anywhere.  Gas stations, coffee shops, bookstores, malls...  The list goes on and on!

As we get further in our studies, we will try to narrow down the places to search, but The Pure Form may surprise you and show up where you least expect.

Now, before we move on to other topics, you should check out the cases where women migrate forms.  Just because she isn't always barefoot now. doesn't mean she'll never be!  :-)

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