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Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge is a performer on the MTV Original Series "The Hills."  I actually watched several episodes of the show when it first aired, but once it became obvious that the beautiful women on the program were almost never barefoot, and if they were it wasn't going to be in the picture, I quickly lost interest.

Nevertheless, the lovely Audrina instantly became someone I knew the world needed to see barefoot.  At last, our dreams have come true.

The following pictures were taken at some kind of "Premiere Party" for the new season of the show.  It took place recently at a beach in Malibu.

In these pictures you can see that Audrina has taken her beauty to a whole new level by appearing in the most gorgeous state any women can ever achieve.

Not only is she barefoot, but she has no shoes visible anywhere!  She is not carrying any shoes.  None of her handlers are carrying any...

In these pictures, she looks so comfortable and at ease in her bare feet, she almost appears to be The Pure Form.

Audrina Patridge barefoot

 Does it get any better than this?

 Maybe if her handler-lady with the bright    
 orange toenails were barefoot too...

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Audrina barefoot

    Now, who can look at this and say that it isn't the
most beautiful thing he has ever seen?

Audrina Patridge barefoot pic

And, as the evening draws on...

A few of the other stars from the program were barefoot at the event as well, but I don't think they carried it off as well as Audrina.  To me, she looks like the most beautiful thing in the Universe, a Real Barefoot Girl.

In reality, she is probably no better then a Normal Barefoot Girl, as the event did take place at a beach.  Having watched the show, I am almost certain this is the case.

It doesn't matter, however.  Her having appeared barefoot in these photographs and at this event does help promote the cause of going barefoot.  She was obviously comfortable and really did look great!  So, whatever her true habits may be, she has done a wonderful thing for the world by going barefoot.

But, if you want to actually meet a barefoot girl like Audrina (famous actresses are real people, after all), check out my How to Be Attractive and How to Meet Girls pages.  There is wealth of information there on how to meet and attract the interest of beautiful barefoot girls.

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