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Barefoot Appeal

If you've spent any time at all browsing my web site, you are probably one of the many who believe that barefoot women are the most beautiful things on the Earth.  Obviously, I agree because I've created an entire web site dedicated to the beauty and wonder of these marvelous creatures.  Elsewhere on my site, you can find a discussion of the various types of barefoot women that exist, but here I would like to look into the reasons why the various types are so appealing or, in some cases, why they're not.

Before we get into the discussion of barefoot appeal, it is necessary to establish one key fact that is integral to the study and appreciaton of Nature's most perfect creation.  Specifically, it is necessary to understand that there are only three reasons why a girl is likely to be barefoot in any given location.

  1. She needs to be.

  2. She believes she should be.

  3. She wants to be.

Now, if you're like me, you immediately recognize a distinct difference in the amount of barefoot appeal that is generated by a women if one of these cases applies, compared to the other two.  It is that difference that has recently captured my interest, and so I am going to share with you my thoughts.

Vive la différence!

When I encountered a situation recently that made me really start thinking about this, I realized something that I didn't think was possible:

All barefoot girls are NOT created equal.

This was a bit of a surprise to me, as I had pretty much spent my entire adult life convinced that any barefoot girl was beautiful, automatically possessing some default level of barefoot appeal.  Well, I realize now that that wasn't true.

Although in a side-by-side comparison, a barefoot girl will always win out in a battle of appeal over an identical girl with shoes on, the fact that a girl is barefoot doesn't make her universally appealing.  Let me explain.

A question of "Why?"

As I explained earlier, a girl who is barefoot is usually so for one of only three reasons.  1) She has to be in order to safely/comfortably/effectively do whatever she is doing, 2) she believes that she is supposed to be, probably because everyone else in the environment is, or 3) she actually just prefers to be barefooted.

Of these, the one that holds the least barefoot appeal is, of course, the second one.  To me, a person who does anything strictly for the sake of conformity is automatically less appealing than someone who thinks for herself.  This is one reason why I am not generally turned on by barefoot women at a beach or swimming pool.  It's impossible to characterize them as anything other than Normal Barefoot Girls who, by definition, are girls that are only barefoot when they are supposed to be.

Being barefoot for the sake of doing whatever task or duty she is performing is slightly more appealing.  The supposition here is that, if she were opposed to the idea of being barefoot, she would find a different line of work.  This obvious acceptance of the barefoot state is much closer to being a desire for it, and is therefore responsible for creating the greater level of appeal.

The greatest level of barefoot appeal, however, comes from that last motivation: Because she wants to be.  This is the most attractive characteristic any woman can ever possess.  An active desire to be barefoot and the willingness to take action to create and maintain that state is something that makes any woman who exhibits it automatically and considerably more attractive than any other woman who doesn't.

What I found bizarre, when I finally realized it, was that, as much as a woman who likes to go barefoot is inherently appealing, a woman who doesn't like to is inherently unattractive.

I realized this when I was having a conversation with a female acquaintance of mine who had every excuse to take her sandals off and walk barefoot for a while, but flat out refused, despite my every reasonable argument.  Although she would otherwise be considered by most to be a very attractive girl, her senseless refusal to take her shoes off in a situation where it would have been perfectly acceptable, and even desirable, was abhorrent.  Suddenly, I found myself being totally unattracted to her at all.

In fact, it reached the point where, even if she had acquiesced and finally taken her shoes off, she still wouldn't have been attractive because I would have known she had only done it because she was coerced.  It wouldn't have been part of her.  It would have been an externally enforced characteristic that had nothing to do with who she is as a person, and therefore would not have created any level of barefoot appeal.

I never thought I could feel that way, but it's the truth.  A barefoot girl is not just a girl with no shoes or socks on.  It's a person with a certain personality trait, and not just any girl can become one just by taking her shoes off.  There's something more to it.

And this is one more reason why real barefoot girls are so wonderful, mysterious and appealing.

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