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Coffee Shops

I had a debate with myself on whether to include this venue.  Despite having spent quite a lot of time in coffee shops, I have never actually seen a barefoot girl in one.

I did see a beautiful barefoot girl coming out of one once, but she was doing a carry-out order with her friends, and so was probably in the store for less than two minutes.  Two minutes out of countless hours seems statistically insignificant to me.

Nevertheless, it did happen, and there is always the possibility that a barefoot girl might stay and hang out for a while, so I decided to go ahead and include it.

Keep in mind that the term "coffee shop" does not refer exclusively to a certain Seattle-based chain.  Most neighborhoods have smaller, privately-owned coffee houses at which you may be equally, if not more, likely to run across a barefoot woman.  The friendlier, more personal feel of these "Mom-and-Pop" places could make bare feet more acceptable and therefore more common.

The lesson here is: Frequent your locally-owned, non-corporate coffee shop, but don't expect much in the way of barefoot girls.  At least, not yet. ;-)

Now, your journey can take you from Coffee Shops to College Libraries or it can take you back to "Where to find barefoot girls in general."

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