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Gas Stations

I hate buying gas.  I absolutely HATE it.  That being said, I will have to admit that some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in my life are those that were barefoot at gas stations.

The irony doesn't stop there, however.  With gas at $5.00 a gallon, I don't intend to buy it anymore, and I'm sure that soon most everyone else will be joining me in that.

The final irony is that gas stations themselves are already nearly extinct.  There really is no such thing as a gas station anymore.  They have all been replaced by what is known as a "convenience store."

Tell me what's convenient about waiting in line for 20 minutes for some idiot to buy cigarettes when all you need is to pay for your gas...

But I digress.  Back to the reason why were all here: Barefoot Girls.

The first barefoot girl I ever saw after moving to California was at a convenience store.  She was not especially attractive otherwise, but being there in her bare feet, and with it being only my second day here, she was still beautiful.

I couldn't tell if she was an Occasional Barefoot Girl or The Pure Form, but that doesn't matter.  She was there, she was barefoot, and she was beautiful.

It certainly would have helped if I had actually spoken to her, but I've learned a lot since then.  Now I know how to meet all of the beautiful barefoot girls that I run into, and I intend to help you do the very same thing.

That first girl is not, of course, the only barefoot woman that I've ever seen at a gas station.  The reality is that in much of the United States, until electric vehicles started coming on the scene recently, getting around meant buying gas.  And we know that girls drive barefoot.  So, if she wanted to get where she was going, she'd have to go to the gas station.

But how can you be sure of being there when she is?

Well, you can't.

Through this web site, however, I intend to do two things which will make that less of a problem.

  1. Increase the number of barefoot girls that exist in the United States by making going barefoot more acceptable and popular.

  2. Help you take advantage of every opportunity that you have to meet a beautiful barefoot girl.

So continue your studies here at Real Barefoot Girls.

So, read on, my friend.  You're done with gas stations, so now it's time to get out on the street.

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