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Barefoot Appeal

A discussion on what exactly gives a woman barefoot appeal.

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Barefoot Running

The secret's out! Shoes are stupid! Barefoot running is the wave of the future!

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Barefoot Sorority - Volume 4

A Barefoot Sorority member lights up the track.

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Barefoot Fun

Is going barefoot fun? You bet! Here are all the reasons why!

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Barefoot Business Exchange

Welcome to the all-new Barefoot Business Exchange! Now businesses have a better way to promote themselves as barefoot-friendly, and barefoot people have an easier way of finding them!

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Barefoot Sandals

Check out our new selection of the highest quality barefoot sandals! They are all handmade! Help your barefoot girl dress herself up in style!

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The Confused Barefoot Girl

The Confused Barefoot Girl - Does she want to be barefoot or not?

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Barefoot Love (Barefoot Sorority - Volume 3)

When a girl goes barefoot, love comes naturally.

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Barefoot Revelations

Barefoot Revelations - those scintillating scenes of when she first reveals her bare feet...

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Barefoot in Restaurants

Why don't more people go barefoot in restaurants? There's no reason not to!

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Britney Spears Barefoot

There are a lot of pictures out there featuring Britney Spears barefoot. Let's hope the trend continues!

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Melissa Joan Hart Barefoot

How wonderful it is to see Melissa Joan Hart barefoot! She is the world's greatest barefoot celebrity!

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