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College Libraries

If you live anywhere near a college or university that allows public access to its library, this might be a good place to go.

I have personally seen a number of girls barefoot in university libraries.  This was true not only at the college I attended, but also at other universities' libraries that I have visited since.

Colleges and universities in general tend to be good places for meeting barefoot girls, but some are better than others (as future pages on this web site will discuss).  And in any case, if you aren't a student at the university, it can be hard to gain access.

I have often considered going back to school simply for the increased access to barefoot women it provides.

Still, if you know how to treat them with respect, and your local college's library is open to you, the idea of meeting barefoot girls at college libraries is a very real possibility.  And you will know how to treat them with respect once you are finished with your studies here at the college of Real Barefoot Girls.  :-)

Now, you may have noticed that I have qualified my statements with "college" and not said "libraries" in general.  The main reason for this is that college libraries tend to be a lot less uptight about that sort of thing and don't often go out of their way to encourage shoe-wearing, which public libraries often do.

As I have said before, public influence can have a significant impact on behavior.

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