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Welcome to the Real Barefoot Girls Barefoot Literature page!  Here you will find high-quality stories about barefoot girls.

In the following list, you can access a series of well-written stories that glorify the beauty of the American Barefoot Girl.  These stories are written by true conoisseurs and are real literature, not just some mass-market tripe.

Take some time, read through them.  Indulge your fantasies.  Let the stories inspire you to dream of a better world, and then go out and take action to create it.

Because, although these stories are fiction, the personalities, attitudes, beliefs and feelings conveyed through them are absolutely real.

So, sit back, read on and enjoy!

Barefoot Sorority - Volume 1
Friends Michelle and Angie are excited to learn about a unique sisterhood on their new college campus.

Barefoot Sorority - Volume 2
Angie makes her first visit home since joining the barefoot community.

Barefoot Love  (Barefoot Sorority - Volume 3)
When a girl goes barefoot, love comes naturally.

Barefoot Sorority - Volume 4
Running barefoot definitely has its advantages...

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