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Shopping Malls

I have been to a large number of indoor shopping malls around the country.  Some I have only visited once, but of those that I have visited more than once, there are only a few at which I did not see a woman in her bare feet at some point.

Now, just so you're aware, I am not talking about the girls trying on shoes or bopping in and out of fitting rooms.  I am talking about true barefoot girls, of either the Occasional Barefoot Girl variety or, of course, The Pure Form.

These women are seen in all the places you would want to see the food court, walking down the mall, riding the escalators...not just in the places where Normal Barefoot Girls would have their shoes off.

This isn't to say that the girl checking out the fit of those blue jeans in the full-length mirror is not appealing, it's just that she's probably going to be putting her shoes back on before she heads to the checkout stand.  She is not, therefore, a true barefoot girl.

When you do see a true barefoot girl at the mall, she can be one of several forms.  If she is carrying her shoes with her, she is most likely an Accidental Barefoot Girl.

If her shoes are nowhere to be seen, you've encountered at worst an Occasional Barefoot Girl, but it may be that you've stumbled upon that amazing creature, The Pure Form.

Mall apparitions are one of life's finest pleasures.  Even at malls where such visions are relatively commonplace (I'll tell you about some of them), the joy never wears off.  There is just something special about that one girl who is barefoot in the throng of thousands.

Keep studying here at Real Barefoot Girls, and you will learn how to find that special girl, and how to make meeting her the best experience it can possibly be for both of you.

So continue on! From Shopping Malls to Shopping Centers.  Your quest to find a beautiful barefoot girl to share your life is only just beginning.

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