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Let me begin by saying that, of all of the women I have been pleased to know over the course of my life, the one that I loved the most was, of course, The Pure Form.  She was that most rare and wonderful creature who, unlike most of the women in this country, actually preferred to go barefoot.

She lived across the hall from me in one of the dorms at college.  My first encounter with her was when she came over to my room, inquiring about one of my roommates.  She was, of course, barefoot at the time.

Despite that, actually, I didn't think too much of her at first.  Although she was attractive - and barefoot - I didn't think too much of the particular roommate she had been asking after, and so I regarded her as having poor judgement and dismissed her.

As the year went on, however, I got to know her better.  Her wonderful personality and those beautiful bare feet were far too much for me to resist.  By the end of the year, I had fallen for her completely.  It didn't work out between us, but to this day she remains the one woman I have loved most out of everybody I have ever known.

"What's the point?" you may be asking yourself.  "Barefoot women are beautiful and attractive. We know this."

Yes, of course.

But here's the point: The Pure Form is extremely rare.  I'm thinking that maybe 1-in-10,000 women in the United States qualifies.

Now, I am working to increase that number by making the idea of going barefoot much more popular and acceptable, but social change happens slowly, and there are many other men who are also out to find that same barefoot girl that you are.

So, what can be done in the meanwhile?  Well, you need to improve your skills, and become more attractive so that you can capture the interest of that beautiful barefoot girl once you run across her.  (A feat which I utterly failed to accomplish back in college.)

But also, you might find that what you are looking for actually comes in a number of different packages.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Okay, by now you're probably aware that I find women who go barefoot a lot to be extremely attractive.  This is absolutely true.  But, do they have to be barefoot all the time?

I say, "Maybe not," and here's why.

Have you ever had a situation where you met a girl, and she turned out to be someone that you would have regular contact with, regardless of what your relationship might otherwise have been (ex. fellow student, co-worker, etc.)?  You found her attractive and, of course, found yourself wishing that one day you would have the opportunity to see her in her bare feet.

And then that day actually came.

Isn't there something uniquely special about that first time?  When an attractive female acquaintance suddenly bares her previously hidden feet unexpectedly?

There is a thrill in that moment which The Pure Form can never achieve.

There is just something special about a girl who starts going barefoot, when she hadn't before.

Let's look at an example.  We'll use the first Occasional Barefoot Girl I met after moving out to California.  We'll call her "Michaela."

I was working at a retail store in an outdoor shopping center.  Michaela worked next door.

She seemed an typical, young, American woman.  Just finishing up high school, she wore her hair in an unremarkable style, she dressed the way most American teenagers do, right down to the black-and-white, "Converse All-star," laced tennis shoes.

I can tell you that my heart dropped almost, but not quite, as far as the tongue of my gaping mouth that first moment when I saw her walking down the sidewalk of our small shoppette in her bare feet.

I was stunned.  I could barely even speak.

Finally seeing her in her beautiful bare feet just about paralyzed me.

And she would never have been able to create such an impact if I had already known her to go barefoot.

After that, she went barefoot regularly.  She often drove her little, black, Dodge Neon that way.  She was the perfect example of an Occasional Barefoot Girl.  And she was beautiful.

The fact that she was not barefoot on any of the first three-dozen times I saw her did not detract at all from her beauty and appeal once she did stop wearing shoes.  Her cute little feet with the purple-polished toenails were a lovely sight to behold; her dirty soles a gift.  And knowing that the sidewalk and parking lot of our shopping center were frequently blessed with the gentle touch of those bare soles gave the whole place a sense of being special - almost Holy.

And all of this was possible only because she had started out wearing shoes, like every other woman in the country.

The Tease

Perhaps you are familiar with another situation.

Women oftentimes will wear shoes that are maddeningly unrevealing, meaning that they show a lot of skin, but not quite enough.  (See Flip-flops are Evil for more information on that subject.)

And worse yet, they will sit at a table or desk, and dangle them teasingly off the toes of their foot.

Many a young boy has tuned out his algebra teacher for fear of missing the moment when Melissa (or Katie or Heather or...whoever) finally drops her shoe to the floor and reveals her lovely bare foot.

Again, that moment carries with it as much joy and excitement as any first-time encounter with The Pure Form.  And any girl can do this.  Most do, in fact, at some point.

The Real Truth?

Perhaps the real truth is that all women would rather go barefoot all the time.  They just lack the courage or the will to buck societal convention to do it.  And so, they compensate by accumulating as many shoes as possible, thinking that by not having to wear the same shoes too often, they can fool themselves into believing that they aren't wearing shoes at all.

Wishful thinking?  Maybe, but it's a much more rewarding - and empowering - belief to think that's true.

It would mean that, instead of 1-in-10,000, inside of every woman, everywhere is a beautiful barefoot girl, just waiting for the right man to untie her shoes, take her hand and help her step on out.

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