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At last, good sense and reason are finally starting to see the light of day once more.  Recently, the idea that shoes are stupid and that feet should be allowed to function naturally bare is getting some good publicity.

National Public Radio recently ran a story that says that running, one of the hardest things that feet can do, should be done barefoot.


It's about time that something which should be as obvious as all get-out actually gets some media coverage.

The radio broadcast was coincident with research done by Daniel E. Lieberman of Harvard University.  His research, which can be viewed in more detail here at the web site for Nature magazine, gives scientific validity to the rather obvious fact that human beings are just not meant to wear shoes.

The Wonder of the Web

Even before this seemingly earth-shattering revelation, a number of web sites devoting to the idea that running should be done naturally barefoot had appeared.  A nice one for fans of barefoot women is:

It's encouraging to see that some women are actually spreading the word among themselves that barefoot is the way to be.  Perhaps, if they pick up the habit of running barefoot, walking and driving and shopping and doing everything else barefoot will soon follow.   :)

And it isn't just women.  Men are also out spreading the word about how going barefoot is the right thing to do.  And, as I've stated in a number of other locations on this site, the best way to find a barefoot woman is to share that in common with her.  It's easier to find other people willing to go barefoot in your company if you are willing to go barefoot in theirs.

So, check out one of these sites to get yourself on the path to true barefootedness.  Each barefoot step you take will bring you closer to that barefoot beauty.

  • Barefoot Ted
    A great, personal site about barefoot running.

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