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Barefoot Sandals

"Barefoot Sandals" are fashion accessories which are essentially a combination of a toe ring and an anklet.  I don't consider them foot jewelry because, to me, they are actually barefoot shoes.

This is the reason I find them so (conceptually) appealing.  By wearing barefoot sandals, a woman can go into all of the places that require you to wear shoes, but still be barefoot.  What a great concept!

I should mention here that many of the public places where I have seen barefoot women supposedly require their patrons to wear shoes, but it seems that no one minds when a beautiful woman breaks the rules.  Come to think of it, I don't mind, either.   :)

Nevertheless, some places are more uptight than others.  So, by wearing barefoot sandals, a woman can fulfill the shoe requirement, but still remain barefoot.  I wish every woman would do this.

If you have gotten this far into my web site, you must agree with me that, if a woman has anything between her feet and the ground, she is not barefoot.  Barefoot sandals eliminate that.  And yet they provide just as much other covering for the feet as flip-flops, which are accepted as "shoes" just about everywhere.  This is how barefoot sandals provide the necessary loophole.

Most places say that shoes are required, but there isn't any particular standard that the shoes must meet.  As long as we allow barefoot sandals to be considered shoes, they obviously meet the non-existent standard, so a woman can easily get away with wearing them to any place where shoes are supposedly required.

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