Shopping Centers

I once worked in a store in an outdoor retail shopping center, and I could not believe the constant stream of barefoot girls that came through there!

Now, some of the girls were actual underaged girls, and must therefore be excluded from any discussion about adult relationships, but there were still so many adult, barefoot women coming through that it almost blew my mind.

I am privileged to live in Southern California, where the weather tends to encourage barefootedness year-round, but I have to believe that a similar phenomenon occurs in other parts of the country.  I would like to create an actual map of communities in which people are encouraged to go barefoot.  The research is ongoing...

But back to the discussion about barefoot girls at shopping centers.

It bears mentioning that all of these girls had to be either Occasional Barefoot Girls or The Pure Form.

Since most of the people shopping at those kinds of shopping centers are from the local neighborhood, any girl would be close enough to home to just be wearing the shoes that she found most comfortable.  We can conclude, therefore, that any girl seen there in her bare feet was that way because she wanted to be.  This is supported by the fact that the other clothing worn by the women in question was also very casual.

Other than by working there, as I did, I don't know how you could be at any particular shopping center for enough of the time to see all of the barefoot girls that visit.  My reference to "a constant stream" actually amounted to something like two or three per week.  And, of course, their visitation is random.

Nevertheless, appearances were fairly common.  So, if you are serious about finding yourself a barefoot girl, you might want to consider getting a retail job at a shopping center.

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