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This is not a "foot fetish" site.  In fact, there is no such thing as a foot fetish.

The clinical definition of a "fetish" is a sexual obsession with some inanimate object, to the exclusion of other forms of sexual stimuli.

Men who are attracted to women that go barefoot are also capable of being aroused by more conventional means of stimulation.  They do not suffer from any kind of psychological dysfunction, but are perfectly normal, healthy men.

Also, feet are not inanimate objects.  They cannot, therefore, ever be the object of a fetish.

Here at Real Barefoot Girls, there are no objects at all.  There are people.  People who go through at least part of their lives in the freedom of being barefoot, and the people who love them.  That is what this web site is all about.

Exposing the lie

There are over 1 Million species of animal known to be living on the planet Earth.  Of those, only one - count them: one - has these ridiculous things called "shoes."

People are animals, too.  If over 1 Million other species can get along without shoes, we should be able to as well.  We claim to be so advanced, and yet we can't figure out how to live like every other animal on the planet?

Well, the truth is: We can.  Some of us have realized how wonderful it is to live in contact with the Earth, touching it directly as often as we can.  This is the story of the barefoot girl.

There is absolutely no excuse for wearing shoes.  None.  Especially in the modern United States.

The human foot is a wonderful miracle of evolution.  It is unique in the world.  It's beauty and wonder should be visible and free, not trapped inside sweltering leather prisons or shielded with rubber and plastic.

The human foot works best bare.  That's how it was designed by millions of years of evolution, and that's how it still functions best today.

Many shoe companies are already trying to create shoes that simulate the sensations of being barefoot.  Why?

Because barefoot is the best way to be.

Of course, even their misguided attempts to artificially reproduce what nature spent millions of years building cannot change the simple fact that human beings are healthiest and happiest when they are not wearing shoes.

Think about it.  What is the first thing most people do when they get home from work or school?

They take their shoes off.  Why?

Because it's more comfortable that way.

Now, if everyone already knows that it's more comfortable to be barefoot, all we need to do is realize that home isn't the only place where that's true.  Going barefoot is fun, healthy and invigorating.

But it is also, at the same time, relaxing.  Some say that the world would be a much more peaceful place if everyone went barefoot all the time.

The most common excuses that people use for wearing shoes outside their homes have to do with health concerns, but that is nonsense.

In America's modern society, everything is so clean and sanitized that there is absolutely no risk of illness being spread through going barefoot.  The worst diseases are passed through people's hands, but no one is required to wear gloves when they enter a public place.

And even if diseases were likely to be passed from foot to foot, the most common place for this to occur would be the places where people normally go barefoot, such as beaches and parks.  Yet we never hear of people getting sick from going barefoot at the park.  Because it doesn't happen.

Shoes are nothing more than a marketing device.  Shoe companies make millions of dollars by convincing us that we have to wear shoes.  It's a lie.

The barefoot girl has uncovered that lie.

It's all about evolution

The barefoot girl, because she is in closer contact with the Earth, is actually a more highly evolved creature than the girl who wears shoes.  In a direct comparison, the barefoot girl...

  • has stronger, healthier feet.
  • has increased blood flow throughout her body.
  • has better reflexes.
  • has a stronger immune system.
  • has a better developed brain.

The barefoot girl is what nature would select if Natural Selection still acted on the human species.

And a man that is particularly attracted to her is similarly more advanced.  By consciously seeking out his highly evolved counterpart, he may create a stronger legacy for our species.

It is also a well-known fact that, in the animal kingdom, conspicuous display of sexually appealing attributes is often used as a way to attract the opposite sex.  By showing her beautiful bare feet, a woman is using a billion-year-old, tried-and-true, natural method to attract men.


There is a lot more to the barefoot truth than what's on this introductory page.  A lot of people have been working for a long time to perpetuate the myths that keep most people wearing shoes when they really don't have to, and that make normal, healthy men feel deviant for being attracted by a barefoot woman.

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The truth is out there...

So, you see?  There is nothing perverted or strange about man's being attracted to barefoot women.  There is nothing to be ashamed of.  Such a man is actually in a healthier psychological state than the man who likes women in high heels or leather boots.

If you are a woman that wonders what people will think if you stop wearing shoes, rest assured.  You will be respected and appreciated for it.

So, if you truly respect the strength, confidence, love for nature and individuality that a girl expresses when she willingly bares her feet in public, you have found your home.

If you are a women anxious to learn about the world through your bare feet, then go forth and share your beauty with the world.

Now, if you want to speak out about your love of barefoot women - or show your pride in being one - stop by the Barefoot Fashion page, where you will find a number of fashionable T-shirts to help promote the love and appreciation of beautiful barefoot girls.

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