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Britney Spears Barefoot

Britney Spears is a curious phenomenon, in terms of her media exposure.  One day, it seems, she is the media's darling, and the next she is the target of ridicule and scorn.

One of the things for which she has received a large amount of public criticism is her tendency to go barefoot.

Obviously, this is not something for which anyone deserves to be criticized, and I find it shameful that the media has gone to such great lengths to portray her as being somehow lower-class because of it.

Much like Melissa Joan Hart, Britney has appeared on a number of occasions and in a number of different settings in her bare feet.  Unlike Ms. Hart, however, Britney is subjected to ridicule for it every time.

Britney has also had her share of scandal, and whenever a superstar displays any level of imperfection, of course, it means everything they do is wrong.

Nevertheless, Britney Spears barefoot is a wonderful thing to see, and she has faithfully defended the cause through her obvious actions, and so she has always had my respect.

Bathroom Break

Perhaps the most notorious endeavour that featured beautifully barefoot Britney was her visit to a public restroom some time ago.

In a totally innocuous event that somehow garnered international attention, Britney was photographed exiting a public restroom in her bare feet.  Blog pages the world over were up in arms!

It just goes to show how ignorant and prejudiced people can be.  (And what pathetic lives they lead for having nothing better to do than criticize total strangers for actions that have no effect on them whatsoever...)

I mean, what business is it of anyone's what kind of shoes other people wear when they answer Nature's call?  Even if it were unsanitary - which it's not - wouldn't it be her problem, and not anyone else's?

It really makes me angry when defenders of the barefoot lifestyle face ridicule for it.  And Britney seems to get it worse than anyone else.

Apparently, Britney's mother publically defended her barefoot ways, linking the habit to a poorly regarded medical recommendation regarding a knee injury.  This was in 2004.

Return to Grace

Fortunately, Britney Spears has begun a comeback.  I don't follow celebrity news that closely, so I'm not even sure what originally triggered the media's campaign against her, but I do know that the lenses pointed at her now are considerably rosier in their filtration.

I, for one, am thrilled.  Now that's she back to being their darling, maybe the media will paint Britney Spears barefoot as a trendsetter.  Stop ridiculing her for doing something that is perfectly healthy, natural and comfortable...

Here's hoping!

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