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Bare Feet on the Dashboard

This is one of the finest pleasures to be found in driving an automobile.  When you are stuck in traffic, there's is nothing that can bring you back to happiness faster than glancing over and seeing the toes of some attractive woman peeking over the dashboard of the car next to you.

Obviously, the best situation would be to have those toes belong to the attractive woman sitting next to you in your own car.  For more information on how to make that happen, check out the How to Be Attractive and How to Meet Girls pages.

Until you reach that point, however, you can still enjoy the beauty of bare feet on the dashboard wherever you can see it.

This situation is actually fairly common so, if you pay attention you may get the opportunity to experience it fairly regularly.  The problem is that it is usually associated with Normal Barefoot Girls and not any of the higher forms.

The evidence for this is that the soles, as well as the toes, are often visible, and they are always clean. Occasional Barefoot Girls and, of course, The Pure Form would have dirty soles.  This means that the girl wasn't really barefoot before she got in the car.  Some might argue that this isn't really a problem, but it does bear mentioning.

This is essentially a mobile manifestation of the Accidental Barefoot Girl.  She is a Normal Barefoot Girl in a situation where being barefoot is more comfortable than continuing to wear her shoes.  As such, this is also an unpredictable circumstance, although, if you are fortunate enough to live in one of the warmer areas of the country, you do see it pretty regularly.

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