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Although I believe that a barefoot woman is the most beautiful thing in the Universe, I'm not exactly what you would call a "purist."  I believe that the effect is enhanced when the woman shows that she knows her feet are attractive and meant to be looked at, and therefore draws even more attention to them through the wearing of foot jewelry.

This page is a guide to the different types of foot jewelry that exist, and the attractiveness factor that each carries with it when applied to an otherwise bare, female foot.

Types of Foot Jewelry

There are basically two fundamental types of foot jewelry:

Some people consider barefoot sandals to be a form of foot jewelry, but I believe they are a different kind of fashion accessory unto themselves, and so I have given them their own separate page on this site.

Heavy Attraction Artillery

As if it wasn't attractive enough to be seen out barefoot in some public place, when a woman also puts on foot jewelry, she is really pulling out the heavy artillery.

When she is not only out in public barefooted, but is also wearing a toe ring or an anklet, it shows that she is aware that her bare feet are sexy, and she is inviting people to look at them even more.  Somehow, that makes it even hotter!

Bare feet with multiple toe rings and an anklet is total attractive devastation!

Add to all those things a nicely done pedicure, and no man will be able to resist.  Unfortunately, very few women use these attractive devices to appeal to men.

Safety in Numbers

Although an extremely high number of women can be found to be exposing their toes, almost none - probably less than 1% - have toe rings.  And of those, none are usually barefoot.  They are wearing either flip-flops or some other kind of sandal.

Anklets are somewhat more common, but because most women wear jeans or other long pants, the fact that they are wearing an anklet is invisible.  I wonder why anyone would bother wearing a piece of jewelry that no one can see, but I know that this happens.

When a woman scratches her ankle or lifts up a pant leg to check the look of some dumb, high-heeled shoe that she's trying on are the only times that the anklet becomes visible.  Who knows how many hidden anklets there are out there that we aren't able to accidentally see?

The point is that every woman in the U.S. could easily improve her attractiveness 10,000% by simply not wearing shoes.  And then she could increase it even more by wearing foot jewelry to go with it.  And yet, almost no women do.

It takes men like us showing our appreciation for those women who do share their beauty in this unique way to help all women see how much beauty they have to share.

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