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Girls Driving Barefoot

With gas prices the way they are right now, it's a wonder that anyone can afford to drive anywhere.  Yet, obviously, people are still doing it, and that means that, somewhere out there, a beautiful girl is driving her car in her bare feet.

The phenomenon of girls driving barefoot is another of those scintillating, yet frustrating, ones.  On the one hand, you know that, if the girl is driving her car barefooted, at some point she has to stop and get out.  If you could be there when that happens... :-)

But, on the other hand, how do you know if she is even barefoot to begin with?  Most cars don't have see-through doors.

I often wonder which girls I see driving their cars around are barefoot at the pedals.  That doesn't bring me any closer to actually knowing it, though.

This poses a bit of a quandary.  The reality is that a lot of women actually do take their shoes off when driving.  So, if a girl just driving her car in her bare feet is what excites you, even knowing that she'll put them back on when she stops, then there are quite a few ladies out there who might appeal to you.

Then, there is still the reality that true barefoot girls also have to drive places occasionally, which they also do barefoot.  That means that potentially every car you see with a woman driving it could have a barefoot woman driving it.

But, how do you know?

This is why this condition is so frustrating.

I am working on a technology that will allow us to make this determination.  Until I do, however, we can explore the much more obvious situation of where a female passenger in a car has her bare feet resting on the dashboard.

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