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Despite having lived in Southern California for several years, I haven't had a lot of exposure to Los Angeles County's professional beach lifeguards.

I do, however, have a knowledge of swimming pool and water park lifeguards, and they are usually very attractive women in their bare feet.

They may be somewhat hard to approach, sitting up there on their lifeguard chairs with a grim, businesslike expression on their faces, eyes hidden by a pair of stylish sunglasses.  But, they are normal people, so if you do get the chance to approach one when she is taking a break, you may find that she is friendly, approachable, and deserving of you attention.

Plus, she's barefoot!

The question, however, is what kind of barefoot woman is she, exactly?

The fact that her work requires her to be barefoot means that, outside of work, she might not be a barefoot girl at all.  This is especially true in the case with lifeguards, where everyone in the environment is also barefoot.

She is probably not a Non-Barefoot Girl.  If she were, she either wouldn't be in that line of work, or she would find a way to wear shoes even in the pool.

She could, however, be a Normal Barefoot Girl.  She may love swimming and care about the safety and well-being of other people, but be just as happy to keep her shoes on when outside of that environment.

Happily, of the two swimming pool/water park lifeguards I've known personally, one was an Occasional Barefoot Girl.  The other was probably a Normal Barefoot Girl, but I didn't get to know her as well, so I'm not sure.

Still, that's a 50-50 chance!

And they were both interesting, intelligent, friendly and fun, so I guess my recommendation is to keep reading on this site until you learn how to grab her attention, and then when you find that lifeguard that turns you on, go for it!

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