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Melissa Joan Hart Barefoot

Melissa Joan Hart is not only an extremely talented actress and genuinely nice person, she is also a very important symbol of how perfectly normal and beautiful bare feet can be.

Although she has fallen out of the public eye somewhat, she has become a symbol of successful motherhood, and she still remains one of the most valuable defenders of the barefoot cause that exist in the media.

She has appeared barefoot in numerous pictures and video segments.  I am still unable to confirm this, but I understand that she actually said in an interview some years ago that she prefers to go barefoot.

Apparently, it was in an issue of "YM," circa April 1998.  She was pictured sitting on a floor, barefoot, with a toe ring visible on one foot.  The designer of all of her clothes, toe ring included, was captioned on the picture.

The text of the article was also superimposed on part of the picture, but on every copy of the picture that you can find on the Internet nowadays, the text has been cropped out.  I have attempted to acquire a copy of the legendary April 1998 issue, but "YM" was acquired by another publisher and is, in fact, no longer published.

All rumors aside, if actions speak louder than words, Ms. Hart has said aloud on numerous occasions that "Barefoot is Cool!"

Take this 3-D Sterographic image I created using a picture of Melissa Joan Hart barefoot walking a dog in the street.

One of many Melissa Joan Hart barefoot pictures

Obviously, she's happy.  There's no shame or discomfort visible in her expression.  And this picture is clearly posed, so no one has subjected her to any ridicule that I know of for being barefoot in it.

This is just one of many pictures that can be found in which Ms. Hart is not wearing any shoes.  But pictures in magazines and on the Internet are not the limit of her endorsement of this practical and appealing lifestyle.

Many of you may remember Melissa's hosting of the Noggin channel's nighttime alter-ego "The N."  Ms. Hart hosted the program from a couch in some TV studio somewhere, and the whole time she was comfortably and beautifully barefoot.

No other celebrity that I know of has so confidently and assuredly represented the group of people that choose to go through life barefooted.  I really wish I had a copy of that April 1998 issue of "YM."  How thrilling it would be to see Melissa's own words stating that she enjoys going barefoot.  What a great thing that would be for the world.

And as great a thing as it is to see Melissa Joan Hart barefoot, equally exciting is the fact that she now has children.  I have to wonder, is she bringing them up barefoot, too?  What an amazing thing that would be!

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