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The Non-Barefoot Girl

This first form is actually not a barefoot girl at all.  She must be mentioned here, however, because she is a creature that you will, no doubt, run across in your travels, and you must be able to recognize her so that you can decide whether to spend any amount of energy or time pursuing her.

The Non-Barefoot Girl is exactly that - a girl who is not barefoot.  Ever.  This type of girl wears shoes ALL THE TIME.

You will see that a normal girl is barefoot whenever you expect her to be.  The Non-Barefoot Girl, however, is usually wearing shoes even then.

This unfortunate situation is probably due to one or more irrational fears in the mind of the girl in question.  She may think that her feet are simply too ugly to let anyone see under any circumstances.  She may think that going barefoot is unhealthy or unsafe (which is incorrect in both cases).

Whatever the cause for her behavior, however, the bottom line is you will basically never see this girl's bare feet.

Fortunately for us, this form is actually fairly rare.  And, because there is so much overlap between categories, even the Non-Barefoot Girl is not necessarily a lost cause.  She may also exhibit the traits of one of the other forms under different circumstances.  If what you can see makes you believe that what is hiding inside those shoes is worth seeing, and her personality keeps you interested, she might be worth a bit of time and effort.

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