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The Normal Barefoot Girl

Okay, this category really doesn't count as a barefoot girl either.  But this form actually comprises the vast majority of the female population of the United States, so it is definitely worth understanding.

Put simply, the Normal Barefoot Girl is any woman whom you find to be barefoot in situations where all normal people are expected to be.  Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Swimming Pools

  • Beaches

  • Relaxing at Home

  • Martial Arts Classes

I honestly don't get a lot of excitement out of seeing a woman barefoot under these circumstances.  In fact, the only reason I included this form at all was for contrast with the Non-Barefoot Girl who traps herself in shoes even when she has every excuse to go barefoot.

The probable motivation for the Normal Barefoot Girl's behavior is conformity.  People generally do what other people expect them to do.  Most don't even consciously realize it.  These girls wear shoes when everybody expects them to, and they don't when people expect them not to.

Again, you need to realize that there are overlaps, and the pressure of society can be strong.  Many Normal Barefoot Girls might actually prefer to behave as though they belonged to a different category, but they simply lack the psychological fortitude to buck convention and do what they know is right.  If society in general were more accepting of the barefoot lifestyle, many of these girls would lose their shoes in a heartbeat.

Now, continue on to read about the peculiar nature of the Confused Barefoot Girl or return from the Normal Barefoot Girl to the Barefoot Girl Spotter's Guide.

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