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Walking Down the Street

True barefoot girls are often seen in the exact same place you meet people of all shapes, sizes, forms and colors: On the street.

Now, the phrase "on the street" is used nowadays to mean just about every public place where you are likely to meet people you don't already know, but when I use the term on this page, it literally means "on the street.  (Well, actually on the sidewalk next to the street, but you get the idea.)

Yes, it's true.  Walking down the street is just as good a place to meet barefoot women as any.  I have probably seen more barefoot girls just out walking down the street as I have at all of the other venues combined.

Think about this.  When a true barefoot girl wants to get someplace that isn't worth the bother of driving, what does she do?  She walks out the door and starts walking down the street!

And what does a girl do when she's been out walking all day, but her shoes have become too painful to continue wearing?

Right!  She walks home barefooted.

Can you see where I'm going with this?

The point is that you never know when you are going to run across that beautiful barefoot girl you've been dreaming about.  It can be anywhere and everywhere - everywhere that it's possible to encounter another human being.

You do have to be prepared, however, and you do have to get out from in front of your computer.

I can help you with the first part.  It's why I created

The How to Meet Girls page is where you should go next.  But then it's going to be up to you to go out and take action.

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