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Where to find Barefoot Girls

(in general)

Where do you find beautiful barefoot girls?

Hint: Not inside your computer!

After you are through learning about them here on this web site, to actually meet and get to know a real barefoot girl, you will have to get out from behind your computer and go out into the world.

I'm telling you this now because, further on in our study, you will learn what to do once you have found that barefoot beauty.  But you won't be able to do that until you've shut off your computer, gotten up out of your chair and gone out to find her.  So, be prepared for your eventual foray out into the real world to find the barefoot woman of your dreams.

For now, however, you should spend a bit more time studying so that you can make the most productive use of your time once you do venture out into the field.  I can maybe save you a bit of trouble by telling you where I have been fortunate enough to run across the wonderful people we seek.

Again, there are no guarantees.  With the exception of the expected places, as mentioned on the page about the Normal Barefoot Girl, there is no certainty that you will run across a barefoot girl on your next trip to any of the places I describe.  I am simply sharing this information with you because history is the greatest teacher.  If I have ever found barefoot women in these places, chances are that you will too.

The best general locations that I have found for locating barefoot women are:

Go ahead and click each of the links in the list to learn about that specific venue.  I will be adding more to this list as well.  Subscribe to my RSS Feed to hear about future updates.

Obviously, you can't necessarily camp out in any of these locations and wait for the next barefoot girl to show up, but you will know to keep an eye out whenever you happen to be there.

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